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ST. LUKE LUTHERAN CHURCH, LCMS (129 Railroad Street) Wheaton, Kansas 66521


Telephone: 785 396-4411 or Cell: 412 334 4280
SATURDAY EVE WORSHIP SERVICE:5:30 p.m. (Communion 1st and 3rd Saturdays)

SUNDAY WORSHIP: 10:00 a.m. (Communion 2nd and 4th Sundays) News and Notes: vicardegiovanni@yahoo.com or idschwant@bluevalley.net

September 1 – Pentecost XII (Proper 17C) – Supporters of abortion suggest babies with disabilities are better off not being born. Advocates of assisted suicide also presume certain injuries and illnesses make life too burdensome. But Jesus calls us all fallen and helpless—and then rewrites His commandments to save us as sons and daughters (Luke 14:2-5). He receives “the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind” (Luke 14:13) as honored guests, and invites us also to celebrate the blessing of each one.

Please take note of the quilt displayed in the front pews of the sanctuary. This quilt was made by the LWML at their Fall meeting in Manhattan, last Fall, and is being displayed at all the Lutheran churches in our Zone. At the Fall meeting here in Wheaton on September 21st, it will be decided who should become the recipient of the quilt.

The LWML is continuing to support the Crisis Center in Manhattan. The item needed for donation at this time is large/contractor size trash bags. As persons leave the crisis center, their belongings (clothing, toiletries, bedding) are put in a large bag to travel to the next living quarters. Please put your donation in the blue tub in the basement entryway. And the needed item for September is bar soap. September is soap month for Lutheran World Relief.

Reminder: Remember to designate your Thrivent Choice Dollars. You must telephone your choice in and tell where you want your dollars to go, or you lose your dollars. Please call 800 847 4836 or visit Thrivent.com/choicevote Eligible benefit members 16 and older can help direct their Choice Dollars.

Family Church and Basement cleaning schedule. Clean before date listed:
Note: There are two upright vacuums in the banner room, left side of altar, for your use.

The basement has a blue canister vacuum and a red Kirby vacuum located in the office room.

Organists: Chairman:

Website address : www.stlukewheaton.com

Pam Steinmeyer and Gloria Falk Elders: Bob Matzke and Lee Steinmeyer

Bruce Abitz Vice Chairman: Darrel Stelter

August 31, September 1, 2019
Worship Attendance: Saturday, August 24: 11 Sunday, August 25: 39

Welcome to our visitors. We pray all will be spiritually enriched by your visit to this “House of God.” Here Christ breaks the silence that surrounds mortal man in his sin and death. Here in Christ Jesus we hear the voice of the Eternal One, and we hear the voice of the Father, and that He loves, that He forgives and that in the resurrection of Christ, He has made us His Children and has given us victory over death itself.


We continue to pray for those unable to worship with us who are residing in a care facility: Westmoreland Care Home: Jerry Abitz Vintage Park, Wamego: Martha Biesenthal Eastridge, Centralia: Vera Teske, Onaga Health and Rehab: Kenny Falk, Ernest Haefner

Redbud, Onaga: Ramona Tessendorf - Vera Marten - Reneta Fischer- Manhattan: Milton Henneberg

Altar duty for the month of September, Cindy Pedersen

Sunday School begins, Sunday, September 8, at 8:45 a.m. and
to attend Sunday School that morning. Refreshments served.
immediately following morning worship service Sunday School will begin in the sanctuary.

LWML Zone meeting here in Wheaton, Saturday, Sept. 21. Under the theme “Bearing One Another’s Burdens” Galatians 6:2 Registration: 8:45 a.m. (with refreshments) Call to Order:

9:15 a.m. Cost: $5.00 – Includes Lunch Bible Study Led by Rev. Jim Price of Mt Calvary, Wamego (Bring your Bible) Be sure to check the insert in today’s bulletin for the “Ingathering” of items for the Back Packs to be distributed through Orphan Grain Train.

Via Christi Village,


bag the trash and take out to trash dumpster behind church.
August 31 and Sept 1: Randy Kufahl, Lindsey Barnes, Mitchell Kufahl September 7 and 8: Wanda Magnett, Karla Rice, Kenyon Magnett September 14 and 15: Susan Magnett, Brian Marten, Danny Marten September 21 and 22: Alvin Matzke and Brent Matzke
September 29 and 29: Bobby Matzke and Craig Boswell

all grandparents are invited Balloon lift off

September 1

"Begin Again"

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler

The book of Genesis tells us that God


all things. But it won't answer every question

about when, how, and why God did it. That's because Genesis is mostly about getting to know

God. Dr. Michael Zeigler begins a new series of messages based on the first book of the Bible.

(Genesis 1:1 - 2:30)

Need a place to eat TODAY!!!!! . Head over to Manhattan City Park Pavilion (Sunday)
picnic Music
by Ann Zimmerman, singer-songwriter!!! Keynote by Donn Teske, Kansas Farmers Union President. Burgers, hotdogs, table service, drinks provided. Bring a side dish or dessert to share 12:00 Music 12:30 lunch 1:00 comments by elected officials 1:30 Key Note by Donn Teske

The Lutheran Hour radio broadcast WIBW radio 580 7:30 a.m., Sundays

September 8 "Play Your Part" Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
This week on The Lutheran Hour: Dr. Michael Zeigler says we each have a part to play on God's stage-with a script, without a tryout, with freedom and responsibility. How will you play your part? Dr. Zeigler and his guest, Dr. Charles Arand, discuss our place in God's creation and our role in caring for it, this week on The Lutheran Hour. (Genesis 2)
September 15
"The Dream Is Alive" Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
Genesis Series - The fall of man... and still, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob wants to relate to you and to me with grace and truth. (Genesis 3)

for a potluck